Everybody today talks in Mega and Giga terminology because if you live (as many do) in big metropolitan areas you have access to superfast broadband. But there are many people out there who live in smaller cities and rural areas where they can’t get the full benefit of the latest technology or have a limited data allowance. Let us not forget also the many people who struggle to live on a minimum wage or have young families and have to budget carefully.

Being the sort of people we are, we felt that everyone should have access to our stream regardless. So we also have a low bitrate that won’t eat up your data allowance and can still function where the internet is not at its best.

How to listen.

While you are sat at your PC just click on either of the players on the right side of the screen. you will need to then keep this page open as you navigate the web. You can also click on one of the icons below each player to download a shortcut onto you PC, be sure to click on the correct one for your player. Using the icons means you will not need to have a web page open in the future and wont lose us while navigating the web.


Simple Radio

To play on your phone or tablet you can download an App with us on it, we recommend the Simple Radio app from Streema.

Tip! If you are like the Radio Dude and do not want to clutter your devices with Apps then there is a simple way of doing it. It works on PC’s Tablets & Phones, on your browser just type in the channel url (listed below) and click enter. A blank screen with just a player will appear, bookmark it for future reference. It’s as easy as that!

128Kb HQ Stream – https://secure1.reliastream.com:80/tellurianradio/stream
32Kb Data saving stream – http://streamfwd.com/ZCIjW

Remember to use the Data Saving Stream if you have a limited data plan.

Directories we are listed on, some of which have a Radio App.

 stream-finder Radio-Garden-300x118@2x