Earth Matters!

Protecting the environment with Tellurian RadioThe other thing we are passionate about is the Ecology, the welfare of our planet; OK call us ageing hippies I’ll be the first to admit it. The cultural revolution of the late 60’s, the so called Hippy Era of “Peace, Love & Understanding” brought many changes, not least was an awareness of self and our relationship with the earth. Between the Eastern Mystics and the Gaia hypothesis our minds were opened.

That door has remained open as we can see by the current demonstrations of Extinction Rebellion and the climate change environmentalists. There is much anger generated by these groups which is understandable but to our minds we feel counterproductive. Anger is a negative emotion and historically anger only brings an equal or greater reaction. We believe that awareness is the key to change, a lesson learned from the counterculture revolution of the 60’s. Our aim is to supply great music and raise awareness non aggressively (no ranting or proselytisation) by presenting facts and/or current situations. Remember, Peace, Love & Understanding.