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Jefferson Starship Spitfire Tellurian Radio is where some of the greatest music from the 20th & 21st centuries comes together. Here at Tellurian Radio we love the music with a passion, it has been a part of our lives and during those good times and bad times it binds us together. At first listening you may think we are just another Classic Rock station, far from it, we are actually an Adult Alternative channel playing great album tracks (well we think so!). To put us in a genre is difficult, we are rooted in the freeform FM Stations of the 70’s which then became AOR (Album Oriented Radio) and then AAA (Adult Album Alternative) also known as Adult Alternative. Hey, but who needs genre’s anyway, diversity rocks.


As you keep listening you will understand that we we are not bound by any genre’s and are in fact freeform programming. Yes we do play quite a bit of softer Classic Rock and those incredible album tracks from the 60’s, 70’s & into the 80’s but there are also some great Blues, Funk and Soul bands in the mix, plus current and upcoming artistes and bands. We are very proud that we play the up and coming bands, many you might not have heard of yet. In fact every decade from the 60’s to the present one are represented by the music we play.

In radio up until the mid 60’s the main focus was on the singles Top 40 Pop Charts, as the decade passed the influence of the album market gained traction and album sales dramatically increased.

Steely Dan Can't Buy a thrillIn parallel the FM stations were mainly being used as fill ins for the AM stations, and to be honest nobody in corporate radio knew what to do with them! Groups of the more progressive broadcasters saw an opportunity and the FM era was born, the legendary freeform radio was here. As the corporate run stations moved onto the FM band so the term became less relevant and the term AOR was born, (The term AOR was also later used for Adult Oriented Rock). Here at Tellurian Radio we continue that freeform radio ethos, not playing to genre’s just playing good music.